About Cindy

Cindy Bertrand is a speaker, author, facilitator and therapist.  Her background is extensive . . . from puppeteer to network marketer extraordinaire.  Cindy's passion is helping people.  She has done so through inspiration in her speaking engagements, through her work as a certified care aide, and through the use of several practical tools.
"...this woman will positively change your life." 

Cindy Bertrand is certified to practice and teach New Decision Therapy™. This practical, effective therapy is used to help people identify unresolved issues that may be holding them hostage. Cindy has also facilitated The Lotus Code circles in the Okanagan Valley.  This 4 week program is designed to help you turn your business around, attain exactly what you want in life, grow in confidence and think like a successful person.

As the founder of Puppets on Purpose, Cindy often uses her puppets to help people consider the lighter side of their challenges. The wise compassionate puppets shine a healing light for adults and children on many topics including: addiction, abuse, bullying, divorce, self esteem, body image, nutrition, life choices and self discovery.

Cindy has authored the following works:
- Play: The Swing
- Play: Spirit of the Valley
- Play: Mother and Me
- Play: Women and Addictions

and has been featured in:

- Chicken Soup for the Network Marketer's Soul
- Okanagan Life Magazine

and has been a guest speaker at:
- Empowering Girls Conference
- It's All About Women Conference


“I saw the show and was in awe – even some of the teachers were moved to tears. The kids were inspired and they learned a lot, and it got them thinking about what they could do to make a difference.” — Lenetta, Kelowna Community Food Bank

“Cindy has a very powerful presence. She speaks from a lot of experience and from her heart, and people open up to that. Some even say it’s the most powerful experience they’ve had.”
— James, Crossroads Rehabilitation Centre

"I really enjoyed last night. I had so many people comment on how wonderful you are as a speaker. Very entertaining, uplifting and educational." — Troy M.

"We had such positive feedback all week and you could literally feel the buzz of energy drifting above as the audience left the building." — Bob

"I want to thank you for the gift you gave me when you were here. That very day I learned to let go of past resentments."— Daphne

"Excellent, entertaining and informative! I recommend everyone to see your puppet show, Cindy. It totally lifted my spirits and I learned how strong our mind really is." — Donna

"Cindy is a bundle of light who combines age-old wisdom and new ways of looking at life. She is a business with heart role model, who balances both the heart and the head. I’m proud to call her friend and coach. Working with Cindy is one of the greatest benefits of living in this time period and my being in networking." — Nancy A. Powell, Author & Natural Health Coach for people and business

"Cindy does an excellent job of speaking to those hard issues in life in a way that allows everyone to identify with how common these issues are for so many of us, and really works to normalize the human experience, but always leaves people with a sense of a higher understanding of themselves and their own important contributions in reaching out to and loving a hurting world." — Shannon, Empowering Girls Conference 2007